“I want to feel safe in myself and to trust myself and others. I want to become more brave and let go of fear and control. 

I want to challenge myself, dare to be in uncomfortable situations and challenge my fears and let go of what I can’t change.

I can honestly admit that fears have ruled my life since I was little and

I’ve most often felt small, worthless and a failure.

[But] since I’ve worked so much with you Caroline and through our coaching I’ve learnt to accept and be loving towards myself and be able to handle situations where before I’ve felt terrified. 

Coaching has helped me a lot to realise how I can change my thoughts and

listen to my inner voice and choose a different path.

I’ve even felt proud of myself and that says an awful lot about what has happened to me recently.”

~ Ingela

“Before coaching I was very quiet, withdrawn and had to constantly please others. I needed their approval for doing anything well and to be told I was good. Apart from those times I felt like a failure.

I believed that if you don’t help others you’re a bad person and you have to help others to the extent that you almost break down. You have to be more accomodating to others than yourself. My own feelings should be ignored. Don’t get annoyed, just smile, nod and be grateful.

I learned that it’s ok to say no. For me to feel better I need to say no more often. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t oblige this once. Coaching has made me calmer because I don’t feel the same pressure to achieve or agree to things I don’t want to do.

Before I didn’t let myself rest because I knew how much needed to be done. I just felt lazy. I didn’t realise how exhausted I really was. I notice the signs my body gives me now when I’m tired and stressed and things just get too much.

Once your self esteem grows, once you stand up for yourself, paths start opening up and you begin moving forward. Before that you’re trapped. I needed a little lift to reach above the parapet, to see what the world could actually be like.

I used to feel like a small animal in a dangerous world and the only way to survive was to be invisible. Now, I go through life the way I want to.”

~ Amanda

“It simply doesn’t matter who you are, we all have cross roads in our life’s or feelings that we don’t always understand. 

Many people see me as a successful business woman and whilst I manage to exude confidence secretly I have suffered from anxiety which has often made me make stupid choices or I’ve done things the hard way all because of fear.

The wonderful thing with Caroline is that I feel I can say absolutely anything, I can be totally honest.

Caroline looks at the whole of you, she is not only intuitive but also scientific in both her approach and knowledge. I feel so lucky to have found her, she has made me believe that anything is possible, and it’s all within my power.

If your thinking about coaching, please don’t hesitate to try a session, it will help give you direction in your life.

I’ve worked on everything from my weight issues, making time for myself without guilt, creating boundaries, facing my fear and more recently, helping me to make a decision on the subject matter for my dissertation.”

~ Michelle

“The other thing is feeling really listned to and being given all the space I needed to talk things through with you.

Also I apperciate the way you guide my narration of the story so that I can get an insight that is mine.

I feel more motivated to take steps. Your manner is caring, loving, unjudgemental, respectful, focused on the needs of the client and where they are.

I appreciate your way of guiding the conversation, that you are attentive

and listen with all your senses, show compassion and sympathy. I also like that you challange me. You have strong instinct. You make me at ease and comfortable.”

~ Sally

“It gives me the space to reflect and respond in the moment to things I may have struggled for, for years and begin to put order to my thoughts and feelings. There’s so much flexibility in a session to move and bend with the

thoughts and feelings as they arise and acknowledge them with true kindness and compassion. I feel the timing and space given is very nurturing and nourishing. I feel we always gently uncover new things at every session

which allows for a process to grow and continue into the next.”

~ Sadia

“I have seen Caroline for a few months for coaching and I received significant benefits from her kind of WORK. Her presence, respect, her validation of what comes up during the session,

her open mind, her intelligence made me feel at ease and, because of that, aspects of myself that have lived hidden for long time were able to reveal themselves.

Getting to know these aspects has helped me to make useful changes to my life. I am so grateful to her.”

~ Grazia

“In life, I have struggled to be proud of myself, to believe in myself, or to have faith in myself. I have found myself in situations I didnt know how to handle, where insecurity took over. It narrowed down the personality I really wanted

to be and I felt unfair to myself. The coaching became a genuine help and support that has brought the better out of me, I have been helped to find courage to want and to be more and through this inspiration I could also

feel I could do better for others. I have also the feeling of becoming more creative and open.”

~ Daniel